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Stress Less

A daily live class in meditation can help you to manage your stress and improve your relationship with anxiety, boosting your wellbeing
Sleep Better

Daily Meditation has been shown to improve sleep. And when your sleep improves, so does your focus, immune system, moods and much more
Make Friends

Don't worry, we're not just yet another meditation app with recordings! You join a live class on Zoom each morning, with video off.
Shamash is an International Bestselling Author
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Daily Mindfulness Coaching for Less!
You'll be joining a friendly mindfulness group that's been meditating together for over 3 years!
Enjoy a brand new mindfulness meditation recorded for you everyday. Or join in every morning at 7.30am UK time to get a 30 minute, LIVE, guided mindfulness meditation with community.
Start the Day with a Fresh Mindfulness Habit
If you can't join us live, you also have access to the recording later.

Each days mindfulness meditation is different and unique!

Share insights in our private members area and meet members from all over the world.
We meditate with Zoom webcams off,
so you can come as you are, nice and relaxed.
Unique opportunity to meditate together with a small group of meditators each morning

Experience a brand new and unique meditation each day

Engage in LIVE meditation as well as having access to over 500 guided mindfulness meditations on all sorts of different  topics
Shamash has been teaching mindfulness for 20 years. He's coached staff at Google, Facebook, NHS, HM Parliament and more.
Access past recordings on your favourite topics
Enjoy topics or styles of meditations from our library. Feel free to practice each day via recordings if you wish. Enjoy meditations on demand just like Netflix. We even have video versions of each meditation nowadays!
"I have been part of the online Daily Mindfulness Club since it started in July 2020.

Attending the live meditations has definitely helped to improve my own practice and on the days I can not attend live, I don't need to worry as I have access to the recordings.

I love the variety of themes Shamash uses for the daily mindfulness meditations. Shamash is a wonderful teacher and shares his knowledge and experiences freely.

I also enjoy the rich discussions we have as a community of practitioners where there is so much learning, sharing and laughter - all of which takes place online!"

Stephanie Price-Whittle

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